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Pawn 90210

Located near Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills Pawn Shop is the real Pawn 90210. High-end buys and collateral loans are a specialty. Daily, members of the public bring their diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, gold, silver and similar items.

The company was established in 1957 and is known as the “Pawnshop of the Rich and Famous” ™. We cater to the high-end crowd who need relief in a temporary cash crunch.

The company is the prime example of the high-end pawnbroker business where upscale clientele seek alternative loans. Here is a typical story: You own a company, three apartment buildings and six rental homes. You just paid your property taxes and are short on cash. It’s the 15th of the month and your $3,000 Bentley payment is due. What do you do? You look down at the $32,000 Rolex Presidential on your wrist and think to yourself, “I can do without this for a while.” The typical client is asset rich and cash poor; temporarily cash poor, anyway.

The process is simple. Bring the items in. Do some simple paperwork. Then, walk out with a check that can be cashed at the bank a few blocks away.


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The increases in the price of gold and silver have helped many people. The more valuable the items, the higher the loan or sale.

Shield“We have clients who have sold businesses for over $100 million,” says the store manager. “Then they put their money into real estate before the crash. When life was grand they bought plenty of beautiful jewelry. Now their jewelry is their ticket out of a rough patch.”

The company completes transactions with businessmen and women, actors, directors, athletes, singers and music moguls. “But we have a policy that we do not name names,” says the manager. “You cannot play a word game that would let us divulge the people with whom we do business.” It is that trust that has made Beverly Hills Pawn Shop what it is today.

There are no credit checks. Payment is immediate. So, when it is time to sell your jewelry, diamonds and gold, this is the place to do so quickly.

The company, which originated in 1957, is managed by an individual who has been in the business for over 27 years. He knows the value of items with such certainty, that the offers tend to be substantially higher than the competitors. Many less experienced individuals give lowball offers in order to put in a safety-cushion for their lack of knowledge. Plus, with a reputation of confidentiality, clientele know that their secrets are safe.

Beverly Hills Pawn Shop knows high-end luxury goods, including large diamonds and brand names such as Rolex, Cartier, and Tiffany. In-house equipment tests gold and diamonds for quality and authenticity.

“It is amazing the kinds of things and people who walk in this door,” says the manager. “We are surprised every day.” Some of the notable items are a 6 carat yellow diamond, a $78,000 Patek Philippe wristwatch, and a Bentley limousine.

“The customers really do appreciate the clean, upscale environment,” says the manager. “People are treated in a warm and friendly manner.” We consistently hear, 'I really trust you guys.' That is why many of our customers keep coming back over and over again."

Beverly Hill Pawn Shop is one of the most recognized names in the industry. They have been approached by many television producers to create a reality series. “We have not said ‘yes’ to one of those shows as of yet. But if we ever do, anyone on the show will be on with their permission. We value our client’s privacy too much,” says the manager.

Security is an issue as well. No cash or valuables on which loans are granted are stored on the premises. All items are stored in a local bank vault for safety and security.

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