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Most Popular Luxury Watches

Patek Philippe Nautilus Stainless Steel Watch

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Model #: 5712/1A
A Patek Philippe Nautilus can be worth with suit or jeans. Its brand is from one of the most elite timepiece makers on the planet. This watch is durable and attractive. It can be worn when mingling with executives or when dining at your favorite restaurant on Saturday night.
Retail Price: US$30,700.00
What people like: The style is understated and the brand screams prestige. The metal band is build to last and will not wear as quickly as leather strap watches.

Here are ten (10) of the most popular luxury watches on the market today in addition to the most recognized, the Rolex Day Date President. The watches are sold worldwide in the United States, Europe and Asia. China has become a big buyer of luxury watches in recent years. Many people collect watches as a hobby just like someone would collect coins or automobiles. A nice watch is a status symbol, telling the world "I'm doing well." This is a hobby for both men and women. Men's watches subtly show social and fiancial status just as women are esteemed by upscale watches, diamond rings and other jewelry. Many people have a passion for fine watches and that passion leads them to buy one fine watch after another. When it comes to Beverly Hills Watches, here are some of the most popular models.


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