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InformationHow to Obtain a Loan

Getting a loan from Beverly Hills Pawnshop money lending services is a fast and easy process. To start, call us to schedule a time-slot that works best for you. Upon arriving a helpful staff member will warmly greet you. They will see you in our confidential, clean and cozy Beverly Hills loan office. The loan amount will depend on how much your collateral is worth and how much you need. 

“I just love this place. You are all so friendly. The process was fast and easy.”
– PH, Valencia, CA

The next step is the appraisal. The items that you brought will be asessed for value. We then come to an agreement on how much the loan amount will be. Then, you authorize the loan agreement. Most of the wording is simply based on California State Law. Following this step, we will write you a check for the agreed upon amount. Fortunately, there are not any up front fees that need to come out of your pocket.  For your protection, the items that you present as collateral are kept in a safe at a nearby bank. We do not keep cash or items of value in the office. 


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Four months after your your loan origination date, we send you a notification in the mail that your loan is due. We mail the notice to the address that you have provided. The purpose is to let you know that your loan is due. You can either make the agreed upon interest payment and renew your loan for an additional four months or you can repay the entire loan plus any interest and fees and bring your item home. It is important to note that if you want to keep your items that you will need to let us know by the date written on the notice or we may foreclose on your collateral items. 

There are many reasons for choosing BHPS. To begin with, the transactions with us are very private and confidential. In addition, our location is upscale and comfortable. Moreover, our people are experts in appraising jewelry, diamonds, watches, gold and similar valuables. So, we have a tremendous amount of experience in assessing the worth of your valuables.

The benefit to you is that many other such shops are not adept at assessing value. So, they tend to make up for their uncertainty by adding in a large swath of safety. As a result of their lack of experience, they pay you less than we pay. Our decades of knowledge have given us rock-solid certainty in the worth of your items. This gives us a competitive edge because we are most often able to lend you more than anyplace else. We generally will let you know what your items are worth and then tell you how we came to calculate our numbers. We describe this in a manner in which you can clearly grasp so that you will be confident that you are being treated fairly.

With that understanding, because the rate of interest which a pawnbroker can associate with a loan under two thousand five hundred dollars is fixed by California State Law, doesn’t it make sense to go to a location that is safe, friendly and confidential? Moreover, for large amounts, the higher percentage of compensation can make a big difference in the amount you receive. BHPS offers loans of nearly any amount. Very big loans are offered if there is enough value in your collateral items. Thus, our longstanding background in assessing value is an even greater reason to visit BHPS for your large loan requirements. The reason is that you can be confident that you are getting a fair and sufficient payout. 

BHPS, under the official name Valencia Loan Company, was incorporated in 1957. The President of our organization requires that our customers are treated with respect, caring and kindness.

Practically everyone has episodes in their lives when they require a financial boost. When that time comes, Beverly Hills Pawn is here to help.