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When you walk into the Beverly Hills Pawn Shop financial services you are entering an upscale jewelry business just two blocks west of Rodeo Drive in prestigious Beverly Hills. Step inside our comfortable office in utmost privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, those passing by are not aware that you are actually coming to an upscale pawn shop. Meetings with our clients are made by appointment. Kindly give us a call at a select a convenient time. We can be reached at (310) 276-LOAN (310-276-5626). To reach our Valencia office please call (661) 310-2820.

We purchase and maka a loan on precious gems and jewelry, watches, coins and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum.

The Beverly Hills Pawn Shop to which this site refers is officially named Valencia Loan Company. The organization was founded in 1957. The company was chartered to deal in “natural mineral resources,” such as silver, gold and the like, at that time under a different name. The principals saw the need to assist those who needed money but did not care to visit a traditional pawn shop. They observed that the majority of other pawnshops were located in areas of town in which they would not care to take their families. Plus, many of


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the shops did not appear to be well-kept and organized. So, when the management decided to embark upon their new collateral lending enterprise they decided on a number of requirements. First, the location must be in a section of town in which he or she would feel safe bringing his or her own family members. Second, the office must be well-kept and upscale. They set out to make the kind of place where members of the public would feel welcome and comfortable. Thus, they fashioned a private, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that gives a pleasing and refreshing surprise.

And a refreshing surprise you’ll find. One office is within reasonable walking distance from the high-fashion Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California, one of the most prestigious and well-known shopping districts on the planet. The other is located in a newer office park in Valencia, California, which is repeatedly rated as one of the safest cities in the United States. The two easy to reach locale are located in high-end office buildings. Thus, with BHPS you will find a safe environment, generally get more for the items you bring and obtain very competitive rates. So, when pondering the alternatives, many feel confident that BHPS is the right choice.

We have a policy that we store no valuables on the premises. Instead, the items of value are maintained outside of our offices in secure commercial bank vaults. Therefore, our clients feel secure that their treasured possessions are as safe as they can be. 

The manager of the organization has been in the same profession in Beverly Hills adjacent to Rodeo Drive for more than 25 years. He has deep-rooted relationships with a multitude of others in the jewelry industry. He has earned a longstanding reputation of trust and respect throughout the profession. Given the nickname the "Mayor of Beverly Hills," for his outgoing and friendly personality, he has forged friendships with many of the shopkeepers in and around the upscale Rodeo Drive shopping district. He is the type of person that you will feel like you have known for many years even though you have just met.

A great many of his clients are well-known actors, singers, professional people and well-to-do individuals from far and wide who have the need for quick cash or who need some assistance during a financial pinch. Our easy-to-reach Rodeo Drive shopping district locale offers comfort and convenience and is more than just a pawn shop.

Call us for an appointment in our Beverly Hills or Santa Clarita offices right now. You will see, hear and feel the integrity, excellence and caring that you may have been wanting in a collateral lender. (CA lic. #1910-0972)